• Players must exhibit a high level of commitment to Lightning Basketball. Attendance at practices and tournaments is an absolute necessity unless excused by coaching staff.

  • It is our promise that the coach will make every effort to improve the skills of each player on the team. It is further promised that the coach will at all times act as a teacher who is responsible for the safety and well-being of each player on his team. The coach will be a role model both on and off the court.

  • The coach will make every effort to provide as much playing time as possible to every member of the team while realizing that the development of players is more important that winning games.

  • The players will at all times behave in a proper and sportsmanlike manner. Players can be dismissed from the team without warning if they present a serious discipline problem. Lightning enjoys an excellent reputation and no player or parent will be permitted to jeopardize or detract from that positive reputation.

  • Parents must always act in a responsible, respectable and sportsmanlike manner. A Lightning parent is never permitted to speak in a negative way to an opposing team, our own team, coaches or officials. If at any time, a Lightning parent acts in an improper or disrespectful way, the parent and child may be asked to leave the organization.

  • The administration of Lightning Basketball promises to provide a safe, sportsmanlike and fair setting where every player is provided with the opportunity to be successful.

  • Lightning Basketball is a proud member of the AAU and abides by its rules and regulations.


Lightning Basketball is an independent nonprofit that was founded in 1992 to offer young athletes in the New York City metropolitan area an opportunity to work with top coaching staff, compete in the highest-level tournaments, and improve their athletic skills to prepare them to play both high school and college-level basketball. The skills developed through Lightning Basketball, such as personal accountability, time management, communication, leadership, dedication, the ability to perform under pressure and loyalty, transfer naturally off the court to other areas of the athletes’ lives, meaning that the Lightning teams are not only developing the great competitors of tomorrow, but great people as well.