Now in its 25th season, the Island Garden Super League has evolved into one of the most successful youth basketball leagues in the country.

Super League is designed for everyone! There are divisions for boys and girls ranging from the 3rd to the 12th grade. Wherever possible, each grade is broken down into three ability levels in order to foster equal competition.

The goal is to provide an excellent experience for every team regardless of it's final winning percentage. Every effort to meet your scheduling requests will be made so that your participation does not conflict with other leagues whenever possible, teams will match against others of equal ability. Providing friendly and excellent service to you is the primary goal. Service is the true value of Super League.





  • Most games are played at the Island Garden which is one of the premier basketball facilities in the New York Metropolitan area. You do not have to provide a home facility in order to participate in the Island Garden Super League. We also play games at other convenient locations in Nassau and Suffolk. This provides a great setting for Suffolk county teams.

  • You choose the number of games which you will play. Your team can play 6, 8, 10, 12, 15, 18, or 20 games.

  • We respect your schedules from other leagues so that you do not have to choose one over another. You submit your CYO, PAL, etc. schedule in a timely manner and we will make every effort to ensure that there will be no direct conflict.

  • A Super League representative is almost always present at games in the event that an issue must be addressed. Island Garden personnel also are available at all times to deal with scheduling.

  • Referees are observed by senior officials and rated by league administrators with input from coaches. Assignments are distributed based on those ratings and observations.

  • Our new Island Garden website ( is used to publicize schedules, game results, standings, highlights, changes and open games. The website is totally compatible with smart phones.

  • We also rely heavily on text messages to communicate with our coaches and administrators. This removes the need for back and forth calling.

  • Finally, social media (Twitter, Facebook & Instagram) will publicize game highlights and action pictures.

We rely almost exclusively on our website ( All schedules are published on the Internet as well as game and opponent changes. In addition, we utilize a system that automatically and immediately updates scores and standings. Coaches and/or team administrators are responsible for being aware of all updates posted at


  1. The registration deadline is October 28, 2018. Each coach must submit the required registration form (which includes team availability) and a $500.00 deposit. Any team registering after October 28 is subject to a $100.00 late fee.

  2. League play begins on November 10, 2018.

  3. There are various options relating to registration; number of games, preferential game days and times, insurance and pre-paid referee fees.

  4. All league fees must be paid in full by December 4, 2018 or the team will be dropped and no refund will be made.

  5. Referee fees are not included in the standard registration fee. Two referees will be assigned to all games. The referee fee is $40.00 per game for all levels. NEW in 2018: All teams MUST pre-pay the ref fees for the season. If you make the playoffs you will continue to submit your ref fees to the Island Garden. No referee will accept cash for any Super League game.

  6. All teams must provide proof of $1,000,000 liability insurance with the Island Garden named as an additional insured. This proof of insurance must be submitted prior to the first game. If a team does not have their own insurance, we will assist teams in registering with AAU for insurance. AAU insurance can be purchased for $16.00 per player and $18.00 per coach. All coaches are subject to background screening (No exceptions).

  7. All teams must submit a team roster prior to their first season game. Additions are permitted until December 31, 2018. After that date for special circumstances, additions must be approved by the commissioner.

  8. All players must have matching numbered shirts and shorts in order to participate in a Super League game.



A coach can choose the division in which his team participates. The guidelines are:

  • Division I - AAU teams & highly competitive community teams

  • Division II - experienced and competitive community teams

  • Division III - newly formed or developing community teams

League administrators reserve the right to place a team in the proper division.

Division I players cannot play at the Division III level at the same grade.

Players are permitted to be on the roster of more than one team, even if they are in same division.


Eligibility is primarily governed by the grade in which the player is enrolled as of October 20, 2018. There is also a maximum age, which basically allows for a player to continue participating with his classmates as long as he/she was retained (left back) only once. The cut-off dates for this exception rule are as follows:

Grade takes precedence over age. SUPER LEAGUE IS A GRADE BASED LEAGUE but a player cannot exceed the age listed above. Teams playing in Division I of each age group are governed by AAU grade/age eligibility, which is somewhat different from the above guidelines. See Jim Fox for details.

To be eligible for the playoffs the team must play a minimum of 10 games and have a winning percentage of 50% of your games. There will be separate playoffs for AAU and community based teams in Divisions II and III, if enough teams qualify for the playoffs.


Team availability sheets are due by October 28th. In order for us to avoid conflicts with other leagues (CYO, PAL, etc.) schedules must be submitted to us as soon as they are received and no later than November 12th.

Teams can eliminate two days in each week from their availability. All teams must be able to play Saturday and Sunday. Teams cannot close out an entire Saturday or Sunday. You are permitted to close out part of a weekend day (e.g. no games prior to 3:00 pm or after 3:00 pm).

The schedule will be distributed in two parts; from the start of the season to Jan 15 and Jan 16 to March 15.


A forfeit will be declared if a team cancels a ga= me within 72 hours of its scheduled start. NO EXCEPTIONS. If a team forfeits twice, they will be dropped from the league and NO refund will be made. A team which forfeits a game must pay both referee fees to league officials before they will be permitted play their next regularly scheduled game. Forfeit time is fifteen minutes after the scheduled starting time of the game.

In order to be eligible for playoffs, a player must have participated in 50% of regularly scheduled games. Exceptions for injury must be approved by the League Commissioner. Coaches are required to maintain a scorebook at all times. That book must be presented at any time to prove a player's participation in previous games.


A coach submitting a protest must do so in writing within 24 hours after the game. He/she must advise the ref doing the game that a protest is being filed. There is a $100.00 fee, payable in cash, that must accompany the protest. If the protest is upheld, the fee will be returned.


2018-2019 we are requiring all rosters to be submitted prior to your first game. They must be submitted in the format which we will provide. Those rosters will be uploaded to our data base. The coach must submit proof of birth and grade to our eligibility staff who will certify the documentation. Also, each player must have a picture ID with them at each game. (School ID, Non Driver ID etc.) NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS RULE!


  • All games will utilize stop time.

  • 14-minute halves will be used for the 3rd through 6th grades; 16 minute halves will be used for 7th grade and higher. National Federation (boys) and NCAA (girls) rules will govern the playing of the games.

  • No full court press may be employed in the 3rd & 4th grade divisions. During the last one minute of the game at those grade levels, the game clock will not start until the ball crosses over to the front court. Once the team on defense secures possession, the other team must drop back.

  • Teams ahead in the score by 25 or more points must play defense inside the three-point line.

  • A 14 foul line will be utilized at the 3rd grade level.

  • For all divisions, each team is permitted 2 full and 2 thirty second time outs.

  • Basketball sizes: Boys 3rd-6th Grade: 28.5 cm --- Boys 7th-12th Grade: Regulation Adult --- Girls: 28.5 cm --- When there is a crossover 6th & 7th Grade game, the smaller ball will be used.

  • Bench personnel will be limited to players and a maximum of three coaches.

  • If there is a 20-point difference in the score with 3 minutes remaining in the game, both coaches can agree to permit running time.

  • A player ejected for fighting will be banned from at least the next game and possibly more games.

  • A coach ejected from a game for unsportsmanlike conduct will be suspended for at least one game. A coach ejected for fighting will be suspended indefinitely.

SUPER LEAGUE 2018-2019







Team/coach is permitted to block playing on TWO DAYS of the week.


$17 per player and $19 per coach. This would be for extended AAU benefit registration. We will register each player & coach (Social security number needed for the coach(es)) on your roster. This coverage covers all AAU sports and extends from date of process date after 9/1/17 through to 8/31/18.


Any team participating in Super League is eligible for discounted practice cost at NorthSport. Practice is normally $100 per hour but for participating teams it's $75 per hour.


All referee fees for regular season games are included in the registration fees listed. Playoff games should be paid once you have confirmed you have qualified. The referees will NOT accept cash at any game.